Building People's Dreams

Welcome to Peco Construction. We are a full service general building contractor based in Richmond, British Columbia. We specialize in custom built homes, residential and commercial renovations. Every project we build are founded upon the principles of integrity, reliability, accountability and safety. We are building people's dreams.

Why Chose Peco Construction?

  • 1. Trust

    Trust is the foundation of business. Our success depends on the trust earned by creating great products. Our clients rely on our expertise and our experience to create a successful project.

  • 2. Service

    Service is the building block of our company. It begins with the understanding that excellence is the mandate and inherent philosophy we share with our clientele. Our commitment to provide the best service is reflected in every aspect of our organization.

  • 3. Quality

    We provide quality that is deeper than appearance. Our quality is shown through the integrated home environment. Whether it is internal wiring, building envelope, proper ventilation or indoor air quality, we are sure to take care of every detail.


12,000 Sqft Residence

This is a very elegant 4-storey house which is over 12,000 Sq. locating on the West side of Vancouver ... cont>>

16,000 Sqft Residence

Even just by looking from outside, you can see this 16,000 Sq. house looks very spectacular. It has a high ceiling living room ... cont>>

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How to contact Peco

7891 Willowfield Drive
Richmond , BC , V7C 4S8 Canada
Tel:     (604) 274-6068
Fax:    (604) 274-6069