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Service and Quality

Peco Construction Ltd. is committed to these four principles: Integrity, Reliability, Accountability and Safety.

We provide professional and quality workmanship to every home and deliver exceptional service to our customers - before, during and after every construction and renovation. Our customers can count on us for every building services they may require in the future. Our attention to detail is evident not only in the major pieces of furniture which we put into a spec house, but also extends to every small item imaginable right down to photo frames.

We have a long and enjoyable relationship with many tradesmen, suppliers, architects, surveyors and engineers with whom we work to bring you a beautiful home and worry-free experience.


In additon to our commitment to professional and quality workmanship, all new construction homes are covered by the St. Paul Guarantee with a 2-5-10 year warranty.

  • 1-year complete coverage for any defect in materials and labour;
  • 2-year coverage for any electrical or mechanical defects in materials and labour supplied;
  • 5-year coverage for water penetration defects;
  • 10-year coverage for structural defects.

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