About Peco Construction - Personnel

President: Peter Chan

Peter founded Peco Construction in 1974, when he took on numerous small renovation jobs around Vancouver. Peter never dreamt that one day he would build 10,000 square foot or larger homes.

A benchmark in the history of Peco Construction was when friends asked Peter to build a single family home on a 33-foot-wide lot in Vancouver, it was a success and launched Peter as a home builder.

Peter stresses that each home has its own character, therefore, every home has its own unique finishes but at all times the detail is elegant. This does not necessarily mean that the most expensive materials are used but his eyes for elegance is always evident.

The Future of Peco Construction: Wilson Chan and family

Peterís eldest son, Wilson Chan, is expected to carry on the family business in the future. Being Pecoís project manager, Wilson has a very senior role within the second generation company. Wilson became involved in the business as a teenager and has accumulated a lot of hands-on-experience in every aspect. Throughout the years, Wilson has developed a sound knowledge of construction. He runs a few jobs at a time and has respect of everyone on the sites as a very knowledgeable and professional builder.

Wilson believes a home should be built as user friendly and that it should also last for a long time. In his opinion, a user friendly home means having plenty of storage space, a comfortable entertainment area and incorporate ideas that a homeowner will use frequently.

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